FAQ about the CDC/SAMS


ABOUT SAMS: Why do I need a SAMS account?

ABOUT SAMS: How do I get a SAMS account?

SAMS ONLINE REGISTRATION: How do I start the SAMS registration process?

IDENTITY VERIFICATION: What is identity verification?

IDENTITY VERIFICATION: Is the identity verification process similar to a background check?

IDENTITY VERIFICATION: When do I need to provide proof of my identity?

IDENTITY VERIFICATION: How do I prove my identity?

IDENTITY VERIFICATION: What happens if Experian cannot validate my identity?

IDENTITY VERIFICATION: Is there a charge or fee for using the Experian option?

IDENTITY VERIFICATION: Will using the Experian option impact my credit score?

IDENTITY VERIFICATION: If I choose Option 2, will I need any special documents for identity verification?

IDENTITY VERIFICATION: Will SAMS or CDC ever ask me to submit my identity verification by email?

IDENTITY VERIFICATION: How is my identity information used?

SAMS ACCOUNTS: How will I know when I am approved to use SAMS to log into NASS?

SAMS ACCOUNTS: How long will my SAMS account remain active after being approved?

SAMS ACCOUNTS: How do I add or remove access to NASS or SAMS for staff at my clinic?

SAMS ACCOUNTS: How do I update my name in SAMS?

SAMS ACCOUNTS: How long will my account be “DISABLED” if I try my SAMS password too many times?

MISCELLANEOUS: Will SAMS share my registration information with anyone outside of CDC?

MISCELLANEOUS: Will SAMS share my email address outside of CDC or send me spam?

MISCELLANEOUS: How is my registration and identity verification information protected?

MISCELLANEOUS: Where can I find more information or details about SAMS and the registration process?



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