What is SART?

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SART is the primary organization of professionals dedicated to the practice of IVF, or assisted reproductive technology (ART). The organization represents the majority of the ART clinics in the country. The mission of SART is to establish and maintain standards for ART so that you receive the highest possible level of care. 

In 2018, 86% of IVF clinics in the United States were members of SART. 

SART clinics meet the highest standards for quality, safety and patient care.

What does SART do?

IVF outcomes reporting. SART reports birth outcome data from its member clinics. This provides reliable information for patients to make informed decisions and understand the likelihood of success with different treatment options. Click to view success rates.

Sets guidelines for best practices in the field of ART.  As a requirement for membership our member infertility treatment centers must adhere to the highest standards in ART. SART also holds all of its members to strict standards regarding advertising in order to better serve the public. 

Patient advocacy and regulatory review. We play a significant role in interacting with members of Congress and their staff regarding pending legislation which may have a direct impact on our practice. SART has been able to network effectively in a small-group setting with leaders of consumer groups, professional organizations, and government agencies to exchange ideas and share information and concerns on an ongoing basis. Most major insurance companies look to SART as centers of excellence. In fact, many insurance companies will only provide coverage at SART member centers.  

Quality assurance. SART has played a major role as an advocate in providing consultation in an effort to improve quality practice. SART has initiated a voluntary consultation program, which in IVF practice can obtain assistance for volunteer clinicians and laboratory directors. These consultations are carried out confidentially and in a collegial spirit to improve the quality of patient care.



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National statistics from SART member clinics that reported their data through SART.