IVF Trends

An overview of recent trends in in vitro fertilization (IVF), including more successful deliveries, fewer multiple pregnancies, and increased use of single embryo transfers. It highlights the improvements in techniques and the evolving approaches to assisted reproduction treatment.

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  • Building Families for AllBuilding families for all video teaser

    Run Time: 2 minutes 9 seconds

    Many people require fertility assistance. This includes men and women with infertility, many LGBTQ individuals, and single individuals who desire to raise children.

  • Evolution of TechniquesEvolution of techniques video teaser

    Run Time: 3 minutes 52 seconds

    In its simplest form, IVF (in vitro fertilization) is placing egg and sperm together in a laboratory petri dish.

  • Fewer Embryos TransferredFewer embryos transferred video teaser

    Run Time: 46 seconds

    New lab techniques let doctors transfer fewer embryos, reducing the risk of twins and triplets, without lowering the chances of getting pregnant.

  • Fewer Multiple PregnanciesFewer multiple pregnancies video teaserFactors

    Run Time: 49 seconds

    By transferring fewer embryos, doctors have greatly reduced the chances of having triplets or more, making pregnancies safer and easier.

  • More deliveries via IVFMore deliveries video teaser

    Run Tme: 27 seconds

    In vitro fertilization (IVF) delivery rate per cycle is an important parameter in tracking the success of IVF.

  • More Single Embryo TransfersMore single embryo transfers video teaser

    Run Time: 1 minute 11 seconds

    As more clinics have gotten better at growing embryos in the lab for a longer time, it's become more common to transfer just one embryo. This has greatly reduced the chances of having twins.

  • Number of Cycles, Deliveries, and BabiesNumber of cycles video teaser

    Run Time: 49 seconds

    Over the years, the number of assisted reproductive treatments, successful deliveries, and US babies born through these methods has been steadily going up.


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