Example Medical Record Note

An example templated note SART member can use to document in the medical records:

I discussed the guidance and recommendations for trying to conceive, fertility treatments, and risks with coronavirus (COVID-19) in pregnancy.  New data are emerging on an ongoing basis and the guidance and recommendations are expected to continue to change over time.  Current considerations include the following:

There are unknown impacts of pregnancy on the susceptibility to or severity of COVID-19.

There are unknown impacts of COVID-19 on pregnancy including maternal and fetal risks, although we do have some experience with other respiratory viral infections such as influenza.  There is a general risk of febrile illness in early pregnancy including birth defects and miscarriage. Later in pregnancy there may be adverse obstetrical outcomes associated with COVID-19 such as risk of preterm delivery.

There is currently limited access to and unknowns regarding COVID-19 testing.

There is the potential for treatment cancellation due to exposure, infection, availability of PPE, or changes in regulations, and there could be associated financial consequences of cancellation.

There is a risk of exposure to COVID-19 at the clinic during evaluation or treatment.

NAME OF PRACTICE has been limiting fertility treatments to patients whose treatment is defined time sensitive.

The patient has the option to postpone evaluation and treatment.

The patient is aware of the lack of data regarding COVID-19 and wishes to proceed with treatment when feasible.

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