Tips on Resuming Care

Our goal with this communication is to offer practical tips for SART member clinics to consider as your leadership develops plans for resumption of care.

SART’s intention is to be a resource for you and is not attempting to define how your clinic should practice.

Where can I get up-to-date information about the pandemic in my geographic area?

What should I advise my patient to do if I am beginning to resume providing care?

What basic principles should clinics consider regarding staff safety?

What protocols should staff follow?

Should my clinic have a COVID-19-specific consent form for diagnostic testing and treatment?

How should I manage patients who are undergoing oocyte retrieval under anesthesia in my procedure or operating room?

What kinds of other surgery can be done at this time?

What types of patients or situations should be considered more time-sensitive for treatment with ART?

If a patient has been determined to be able to begin an ART cycle, what are some factors to consider in choosing which ovarian stimulation protocol to use?

In what situations should a delay in beginning an ART cycle be considered?

Can diagnostic testing and bloodwork be done?

What about testing for COVID-19?

How should PPE be used clinically in your practice?

How should I counsel my patient regarding the current status of COVID19?




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National statistics from SART member clinics that reported their data through SART.