Embryology Laboratory Suggestions For COVID-19

Safety of gametes and embryos:

  • During “down-time” continue physical inspection of cryostorage tanks, monitoring of liquid nitrogen status daily.
  • Contact liquid nitrogen supplier and ask them to notify you in advance if they predict any discontinuity of service.
  • It is important to note that these gas suppliers may get busy trying to keep up with oxygen demand from hospitals and may be forced to prioritize. 
  • Stagger embryology staff when possible keep some staff isolated at home.
  • If needed, train other personnel to be able to monitor, fill tanks.
  • Make sure back-up tank(s) are filed to the brim.
  • If gametes/embryos are stored in vapor tanks, consider increasing level of LN2 such that some specimens are submerged. 
  • Obtain extra LN2 supply cylinders if storage is available. 
  • Continue weekly back-up generator checks. 
  • Consider top-off diesel for generator if applicable.

Other suggestions:

  • ASRM is offering andrology and embryology certificate courses without charge for this crisis. This is a good way to keep staff busy with productive work not directly related to patient care.
  • Complete an inventory of disposable supplies in preparation for resumption of patient care.
  • Perform preventative maintenance that does not require an outside vendor.  This may require adjusting the preventative maintenance schedule, but the adjustment would reduce this burden when case volumes are high after patient care resumes.
  • Maintain equipment in usual operating condition if needed for emergency fertility preservation.
  • Adjust standing orders for media consistent to perform emergency fertility preservation


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