April 27, 2021: A Brief message from SART

It has been over a year since our last formal message from SART and a lot has happened.  SART wants to reassure its membership that we have been very proactive “behind the scenes” in making sure our membership’s interests and the interests of their patients are represented in ASRM taskforce guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic.   Since COVID-19 and its subsequent variants are not going away anytime soon globally, SART has consciously made the decision to continue to make available the resources on this page not only to it membership but to the global reproductive community as COVID-19 cases and more importantly deaths continue to rise in other parts of the world.

The ASRM COVID-19 Task Force continues to be proactive in advising the reproductive medicine specialty with its most recent update released on 3/23/21 and its emphasis on encouraging the reproductive woman to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination last week.   More updates are planned as the COVID-19 environment continues to change.   The entire list of updates is available on ASRM.org website.

Update #3 released in April 2020 still contains clinically relevant information for the busy reproductive medicine practice. The SART COVID-19 Toolkit also still remains relevant upon recent review and will continue to be remain accessible to the entire reproductive community indefinitely.

SART leadership continues to be active on the Taskforce in assisting reproductive care specialist care for their patients.  SART strongly recommends that all SART members and clinics continue to remain vigilant and encourage vaccinations for all their patients especially with emergence of new SART-CoV-2 variants.   We all want to return normalcy as soon as possible. 

SART will continue to advocate for your patients seeking fertility services to continue to provide ART services without interruption as it is considered essential care.  With the introduction of telemedicine, which is probably here to stay, it is easier to see patients more than ever.  Nevertheless, patients and providers alike must be counseled that face-to-face interaction still needs to be occur and strict adherence to practice protocols that prioritize patient and staff safety must be followed.  

SART continues to encourage its members to adjust if necessary, its workflow in the clinic in accordance with update #3 of the ASRM Task Force update and the embryology lab guidance for continued ART operations released in October 2020 and the local ordinances dictated by your local government.

SART encourages member feedback and exchange of ideas from the reproductive community and its patients. Comments and ideas may be sent directly to Jacquelyn Marshall, SART administrator at ASRM, so that we can consolidate that information for future communications. (sart@asrm.org, 205-978-5000)



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