Patient Information

The links below contain information that may be helpful to patients utilizing assisted reproductive technologies.

Facts and Figures are a series of infographics outlining the history and basic concepts surrounding assisted reproductive medicine.
FYI Videos are the educational video series created to answer the questions most frequently asked by patients of fertility clinics.
SART Fertility Experts Podcast This series is designed to provide up to date information about a variety of topics related to fertility testing and treatment.
What is SART? Find out more about the organization, our mission, and who our officers are.
A Patient's Guide to Assisted Reproductive Technology is a handbook created to walk you step-by-step through the process of In Vitro Fertilization.
Frequently Asked Questions answer many of the questions SART receives from our patients.
ASRM/SART Patient Fact Sheets and Booklets are an educational series produced under the direction of the ASRM Patient Education Committee and the Publications Committee.
Topics Index covers all the ASRM and SART publications available A to Z on reproductive medicine. is the ASRM patient education website full of information to help you be better informed about your fertility journey.


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National statistics from SART member clinics that reported their data through SART.