A Message for Patients from The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

(updated January 18, 2021)

For more information, please refer to the COVID-19 related questions on ASRM's ReproductiveFacts.org website.

This communication from SART and ASRM is a frequently asked questions (FAQ) on those Recommendations for current and future patients who need fertility medical treatments.

This document will be continuously updated with more FAQ’s and revisions to responses if new information becomes available. We encourage you to contact SART at sart@asrm.org.

Should I get the COVID19 vaccine?

Can I get COVID from the vaccine?

Will the vaccine affect my existing medical conditions?

I am nervous about the vaccine side effects.

Can I still transmit the virus to other people even when I am vaccinated and protected?

How safe is the COVID-19 vaccine? Should I get it if I am trying to conceive?

Can my Reproductive Endocrinologist require that I get the COVID-19 vaccine before I do fertility treatment?

Should I take steps to avoid pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Should I delay fertility treatment until I can get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Will postponing my care affect my ability to have a child?

I hear that elective medical procedures in my geographic area are supposed to stop; are IVF and other fertility treatments considered “elective”?

Can my clinic prevent me from getting infected by screening patients and staff?

Is there a risk that my cycle could be cancelled if I proceed with treatment now?

Are my frozen embryos, eggs, or sperm safe?

I have been diagnosed with cancer and chemotherapy is recommended. Can I still attempt to freeze my eggs (or sperm if male)?

If I get sick or test positive for COVID-19, when is it safe to become pregnant?

I’m pregnant. Is there a risk that a COVID-19 infection will affect my pregnancy outcome?

What is the risk that a COVID-19 infection will affect my unborn child?

This year has been very difficult to handle and I’m having a hard time. What resources are available to me?



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