The 2018 ASRM Research Blueprint

One of the main goals of the ASRM 2014–2019 Strategic Plan was to focus on research and called for the development of specific initiatives to enhance the activities and support for ASRM-sponsored Reproductive Research Programs. In particular, the research strategic goal states that this initiative should “Spearhead the agenda for research in reproduction and the development of both the current and future generations of clinical [translational and basic] investigators in the reproductive sciences.” To be specific, the Strategic Research Goals in the ASRM 2014-2019 Strategic Plan called for:

  • Continued, but re-evaluated support of research endeavors and programs that
    • Define and prioritize the questions to be addressed,
    • Identify gaps in RCT (randomized controlled trial)-based reproductive practice knowledge for targeting ASRM-sponsored research,
    • Develop clinical research projects designed to answer practice-related questions,
    • Focus on RFA(s) (request for applications) for SPECIFIC topic(s)of interest to the ASRM membership,
    • Consider providing pilot and bridge grants to “junior” investigators, 
    • Consider funding projects of longer duration (3-5 years) in key areas of interest, 
    • Evaluate research focus and priorities yearly, and 
    • Consider implementation of periodic workshops/conferences to identify new reproductive research priorities;
  • Development of a major research endowment;
  • Further development of young investigators through support and mentoring;
  • Consideration for development of ASRM research networks with national and/or global collaborations;
  • Establishment of ASRM research priorities to complement those of other agencies, such as NIH; and,
  • Partner with federal agencies and global organizations to promote, support, and advance research and training in reproductive science and medicine.

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