ASRM Coding Corner- Coding Questions At Your Fingertips

We heard you! The ASRM Coding Committee reorganized and updated the ASRM Coding Corner. Here you can find a repository of coding questions submitted by our members across the US and answered by experts on the ASRM Coding Committee.

What's New:

Improved browsing:

  • Use the category buttons to view a subset of questions and answers (Andrology, ART Clinical Care, ART Lab Procedures, Surgery, Third-Party) OR
  • Select the “All” button and search (control + F) for relevant keywords
Note: Like before, you need to be logged in as a member to see the answers!

Reviewed and updated questions and answers:

  • Each question and answer was reviewed and updated with the latest ICD and CPT codes
  • Similar questions were combined to give more complete answers in one place
  • Outdated technologies, procedures, and coding approaches were removed

Coding summaries:

  • Coding summaries for common procedures or diagnoses were added
  • Summaries include a list of codes that may be used for that indication

Ongoing update:

  • The Committee continues to add new questions and guidance as they are received and answered.


  • Find all coding resources on under the “Learning & Resources” tab under “Coding”
  • Watch for new and read archived letters from the Chair of the Coding Committee
  • Members can submit coding questions via

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